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Katie Hyde from Gatley passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.     

 I chose Bernie Price as he had taught several of my friends.


Lily Ogden from Handforth passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.     

The friendly service and professional way of teaching made it easy for me to understand the processes of learning to drive and made me comfortable and not nervous, which allowed me to perfect every aspect of driving. 


Thomas Kiss from Gatley     

I had a great experience whilst learning to drive with Bernie. He was patient but assertive when it was necessary and I feel as though this resulted in me being a safer driver


Eesaa Khan from Heald Green passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.     

I believe that the most effective learning comes through mistakes that one makes. Bernie was always quick to point out any faults I had made during each lesson but never lost his patience and instead would provide solutions and advice for the future.


Joe Newman from Cheadle passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.     

Bernie made sure that every hour was spent usefully, no time-wasting or aimless driving but full-time tuition. I developed confidence in driving from the start with Bernie and was able to progress at a fast pace which suited me.


Lucy Walsh from East Didsbury passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.     

I chose this driving school because my brother passed first time with Bernie Price and also  the great reviews and pass rates. 

I enjoyed the training as it made me feel confident about my driving and I was less nervous than I thought I would be. My training made me realise that there is more to think about when learning to drive than I had anticipated.


Cole Palmer from Heald Green passed his driving test      

I gave myself a very tight timeframe to pass my test, and it did take me a little time to begin to enjoy the training because of the pressure I had put on myself.  My instructor was quite traditional but his no-nonsense approach worked with me.  Thanks !


Raza Abu-Hashish from Heald Green Park passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.     


Aneesa Hameed from Cheadle passed  FIRST TIME.     
What I liked most about my training was that at the start of each lesson I was asked what I thought I needed to focus on to improve my driving.  Then the lesson would be on that topic until I was satisfied that I had achieved my goal. There was no unnecessary lesson repetition and no aimless driving around.

Hannah Riley from Bramhall passed    FIRST TIME.     
The most important criteria for me was choosing a driving school that had good reviews and have a professional approach to teaching. I Google-searched for local schools in my area who had a good reputation and a great pass rate, which was demonstrable by their website passes and customer reviews.  

I really enjoyed my driving lessons with a driving instructor who made learning to drive less stressful than I imagined. Lessons were arranged to fit in with my job at weekends.  I learned a lot and we got lots done in a short space of time.


Ryan Skelton from Cheadle Hulme.   
Adam made the lessons enjoyable for me and I would look forward to the next one. He provided a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that made me comfortable at the wheel. 


Owen Prendeville from Handforth passed    FIRST TIME.     

A quick response from Bernie initially and then Adam (my instructor)  built my confidence in the trustworthiness of this school.   I really enjoyed the lessons and looked forward to them each week.

I would definitely recommend this driving school with its highly competitive prices, flexibility of lessons for my tuition and above all the excellent instruction that gave me the skill and confidence to pass my test first time and the belief that I am a good driver.

Emily Kelly from Gatley.
I absolutely had the best time learning to drive with Bernie as his conversations as well as teaching helped me to feel comfortable with my driving as well as helping me to learn from mistakes.

With Bernie I had the most enjoyable time, with the best knowledge delivered in the best way.


Elsa Vacarri from Gatley passed   FIRST TIME.     


Beth Wise from Heald Greenth passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.     

I chose Bernie Price as he had taught my brother and sister to drive.


Hana Williams from Handforth  


Josh Bowler from Handforth passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.     

Bernie is a great instructor and I would 100% recommend him.   His motto is “Firm bit Fair” and that is exactly what he is.    He will tell you where you are going wrong without dressing it up, and will emphasise what you need to focus on in order to secure a test pass and be a safe, confident driver.


Tom Crawford from Cheadle Hulme passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.     


Lucy Jones from Timperley passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.     

I was so happy with the tuition, advice, guidance and the confidence Bernie Price gave me.  It gave me such a boost to my learning abilities and confidence.

Bernie’s advice and help was so important and I will always be grateful for his patience and expert training and tuition.


Cerys Davies from Heald Green passed her driving test      
I enjoyed my driving lessons as there was always a positive atmosphere and Bernies teaching methods were firm but fair, encouraging and supportive, which enabled me to learn at a quicker pace than I expected.  


Harry Bloor from Heald Green passed his driving test      


Maddie Corbishley from Gatley passed her driving test      


Haris Qadri from East Didsbury passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.     

I chose this driving school recommended to me by family members. I enjoyed the training as my driving tuition and progression was fast-paced and no lesson time was aimlessly wasted.


Darren Ellis from Woodhouse Park passed  FIRST TIME.     

My work colleague recommended Bernie and because of her feedback I knew that I would have a great driving experience.

I really enjoyed my training with Bernie because of his experience, professionalism and reputation and his teaching methods were perfect for me, fair but firm. 



Ryan Petrie from Gatley passed  FIRST TIME.     


Harley Chase from Cheadle Hulme passed  FIRST TIME.     
My criteria was for an instructor who is patient and has good methods of teaching, who is also approachable and easy to talk to.  My driving experience was enjoyable and my instructor made learning to drive easy.

I would recommend Bernie Price as he gave me help, support and encouragement and it was a great way to learn how to drive.


Matt Adshead from Gatley passed   FIRST TIME.     


Emma Graham from Cheadle Hulme.
My driving experience was enjoyable as I learned a lot and we got lots done in each lesson.  Learning to drive was a lot less stressful and much more interesting than I imagined it being.


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