Privacy Policy     

In accordance with the General Data Protection Register (GDPR) it is necessary for me to obtain and store certain confidential personal data from you. This will be stored in a secure password-protected driving school computer database file that only I have access to and that it will remain confidential and will not be passed onto a third-party.

Any data collected is used by the driving school for statistical purposes and maybe displayed on their websites to show potential customers the test pass performance of the driving school and its instructors.

Pupil data will be retained for the duration of the pupils association with the driving school, after which it will be deleted.

As a self-employed driving instructor, I am required by law to keep financial data for a seven-year period to present to the Inland Revenue, if requested by them. This would include your full name, date, amount and method of payment. After this statutory period the data will be deleted.

For your safety and security there are outward-facing mobile cameras fitted to my tuition vehicle.

Registered ICO number ZA232178