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”Excellent tuition and a credit to your professionalism”

Dear Bernie

I would like to thank you for the excellent tuition you have given my son Lewis during his period of instruction with you, resulting in his first time pass today.

He had no supporting driving experience from either myself or my wife so his success in so short a period of time is even more credit to your professionalism.

    Paul Johnson (Dr) 

   Driving Lessons Cheadle Hulme


”Learning to drive was fun”

Emma Frost from Gatley passed her driving test   FIRST TIME .

 I found this driving school from a friends recommendation.

 I chose to use this school on a number of factors : excellent pass rates , recommendations and price.

 My driving experience was really good. We went through anything I was unsure of until I got it, and my instructor would always show me something again if I was unsure. 

I would recommend Bernie Price to my friends, because he helps with your confidence while driving, and he is very professional. 

Learning to drive was a fun and maybe slightly scary experience, but my instructor helped me enormously. 

Emma Frost,     Driving School Gatley


”Bernie was patient and his methods were clear and easy to follow”

Nazeedah Mostofa from Heaton Mersey passed her  driving test   FIRST TIME .

I chose Bernie Price as he was recommended to me by a friend, who said that they had had a good driving experience with him.

I enjoyed my driving lessons. My instructor was patient and the duration of the lesson was ideal.

My instructor was also happy to drop me off early or at university if needed, which was much appreciated.

I would definitely recommend him.

His methods were clear and easy to follow and remember.

I had a good overall experience and the lessons are really affordable for students.

Nazeedah Mostofa       Driving School Didsbury


”Bernie teaches you to be a safe, considerate driver, to understand road conditions  and other drivers reactions, and not just to pass your test.”

 I did my research on the internet, narrowed the results down by area where lessons are provided and it became clear that I only have one sensible option.

The combination of factors, such as being a local instructor, having it all explained clearly on the website, good competitive prices, keeping pass rates up to the highest standards and having many recommendations as well.

Reminded me a lot of my father teaching me Maths at school ! I felt both maths and driving were ‘rocket science’ to me, but at the end of the day I can now drive  and count my change as well !!!   So if you feel the same, don’t be afraid, start your lessons with Bernie and you will be amazed how it will all come together one day.

I would most certainly recommend Bernie. He teaches you to be a safe, considerate driver.  He teaches you to understand road conditions  and other drivers reactions, and not just to pass your test. He also teaches you the skills from the beginning and so you are always building up confidence as you are approaching your test.

I found Bernies teaching methods very professional. Lots of visual aids provided, including most up-to-date equipment (IPAD) used for animation apps relating to driving topics. Lessons are always planned and are based on the DSA Syllabus,  so you can trace your own progress. Feedback at the end of lessons to highlight progress or identify weaknesses that need to be addressed in subsequent lessons.

Superb administration skills and very well organised.

Thank you for everything. 

You will be the voice in my head guiding me during my drives. 

    Irina Dyko            Driving Lessons Didsbury


Mughera Poswal from Sharston passed her  driving test   FIRST TIME .

“I chose Bernie Price through a friend of a recent pupil who had recommended him. 

I also looked at the website, especially the pass rates and customer reviews. 

I had a great driving experience, and passed my test first time. 

My driving ability has been dramatically improved in a short space of time.  

I would recommend Bernie Price, due to his flexibility on lessons and excellent pass rates. 

His teaching methods were thorough and clear. Also the driving experience I had with him was very positive.” 

Mughera Poswal       Driving Lessons Gatley


”Bernie is reliable, relaxed and good at what he does, and made my lessons productive and an enjoyable experience.”

Learning to drive is a big deal, but having lessons with Bernie soon put me at ease. The key skills were put across in a way that was easy to understand and I was given all of the information to move forward (literally).

Having a patient instructor who is reliable, relaxed and good at what he does made my lessons both productive and an enjoyable experience.

I chose this driving school for a number of reasons : clarity of website, actual evidence(photos) of recent passes, and especially that it is not part of a big chain driving school.

With large driving schools you don’t know if the instructor you get is any good, or they are just someone who is part of the brand.   

Rachel Lancaster     Driving School Didsbury


Rakib Huda from Heald Green passed his driving test   FIRST TIME .

“I chose Bernie Price as he was a local driving instructor. 

I looked at the website for reviews and pass performance, and he was the best one in the area. 

I would recommend Bernie Price. He is a good and reliable instructor. 

He has great teaching methods, and everything he said useful and relevant for my driving experience.”

 Rakib Huda         Driving School Heald Green


A huge thank you from an over the moon Zara.

I searched online for driving schools in my area and found Bernie Price.  

I chose Bernie Price through a friends recommendation who had also used Bernie. 

I looked at the website, especially the prices, pass rates and customer reviews. 

Afterwards, I found out that Bernies daughter was a friend of one of my friends. What a small world it is ! 

My driving experience was both enjoyable and stressful!  

Enjoyable because Bernie made it easy to learn.  

Stressful because I had failed previous tests making silly mistakes, and I needed to pass whilst on maternity leave. 

I would definitely recommend Bernie Price.  

He is strict and persistent and I feel those are qualities that an instructor needs. 

Zara Jawando       Driving Lessons Didsbury


Richard Schillizi from Didsbury passed his driving test   FIRST TIME .

“Bernie Price Driving Tuition was recommended to me by a friend who had passed first time with him.

He has a professional approach and provided a superb test booking service.

Gave appropriate instruction for someone with previous driving experience. “  

   Richard Schillizi     Driving School Didsbury

Sean Ryan from Gatley passed his driving test   FIRST TIME .

“I chose Bernie Price as he was a locally-based driving instructor.

I looked at the website, especially the prices, pass rates and customer reviews.

My driving experience was great.

He was quick and efficient and I passed first time in only eleven weeks of tuition.

I would definitely recommend Bernie.

His methods were good and easy to understand, and within a relaxed atmosphere.”

   Sean Ryan                 Driving School Gatley


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