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“Bernie made me feel relaxed with my driving”

 I chose Bernie because of recommendations from my sister and friends who had used him.

 Bernie was easy to interact with and made me feel relaxed when I found driving a stressful experience with my previous instructor.  

 I would recommend him as he is reliable and has excellent pass rates.

 He is entertaining, easy going and safe.

 However there can be pressure to consistently maintain the high pass rates.

 Mike Heard     Driving Lessons Heald Green


“Recommend by my retiring instructor and also the good customer reviews “

 I was recommended to use Bernie Price by my previous driving instructor, who was retiring.

 I also chose Bernie because he had good website reviews.

 I enjoyed the lessons as I felt that I made progress quickly.

 I would recommend him to my friends for the good lesson value and the progressive nature of the  learning.  

 He was really helpful and explained things well. The coloured dots around the car used for reference points made things so much easier. 

Laura Novacki       Driving Lessons Gatley

”His instruction and teaching methods will guarantee that pupils become confident, considerate and safe drivers. I feel 100% confident in my driving ability”

 I found out about Bernie Price from my friends who had passed their tests with him.

 I chose Bernie because of my friends recommendations as well as the excellent pass rates and customer reviews. His website was easy to view and very informative.

 Lessons times were flexible and made to fit in with my work schedule.

 I had a very good learning and driving experience . My lessons took place on all sorts of roads and traffic conditions.  

We drove on normal roads, on country roads with steep hills and nasty bends, and on 70mph dual-carriageways.  

Because of this I feel 100% confident in my driving ability.

 I would definitely recommend Bernie. His instruction and teaching methods will guarantee that his pupils become confident , considerate and safe drivers.

 I thought his teaching methods were excellent. When you make a mistake you know about it for sure, so it doesn’t happen again !!

 Thank you so much Bernie.

 Nic Townley   Driving Lessons Gatley


Pratik Zaveri from Heald Green passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.

I was recommended to use Bernie Price by my father who, a few years ago, had passed his test first time with Bernie. 

I chose him because he had good feedback from all the family members who had learnt with him. They all passed first time ! 

I had a great driving experience with Bernie because he was patient and made sure that I was confident before teaching something else. 

Also as he was a United fan like me, we chatted about football during the lesson which helped me to relax whilst driving, but also to show that I should be able to handle conversation whilst undertaking safe driving. 

I enjoyed Bernies friendly nature, which made driving more fun.

 I believe Bernie was very organised and practical, and has very clear teaching methods when explaining topics. When necessary he could be very strict.

 I would recommend Bernie because of his excellent pass rates, and the fact that I also passed first time.   

Pratik Zaveri,     Heald Green

 Driving Lessons Heald Green


Catherine Rafferty from Cheadle Hulme passed her driving test   FIRST TIME .

 I found this driving school via an online enquiry.

 The customer reviews were positive and there was a high first time pass rate.

 The driving experience and tuition I received made me feel very confident to drive,  and I progressed more quickly than I expected.

I would recommend this driving school to my friends, as it would enable them to learn to drive as quickly as possible, and like me, quickly gain confidence in your driving ability.  

The teaching was efficient and structured and informative. I was given all the information I needed at the right time. 

Catherine Rafferty       Driving School Cheadle Hulme


I chose Bernie because of recommendations from my friends who had used him, from his excellent pass rates and affordable price for blocks of lessons.

 I found my driving experience stressful BUT productive.

 What I really enjoyed was being able to drive home after the third lesson !!

 I would recommend Bernie for the great pass rates and affordable prices. The lesson time of 1.5 hours is also the right amount of time for a lesson.

 Natasha Hadfield,   Driving Lessons Gatley


Greg Alexander from Gatley passed his driving test   FIRST TIME . 

 I chose Bernie because of the customer reviews, reasonable price rates and excellent pass rates.

 On the customer reviews I saw other people from my school has previously passed with Bernie.

 My driving experience was phenomenal.

 Bernie has made me love driving !

 I would absolutely recommend him to my friends. 

 I was very nervous at the start, but Bernie’s firm approach encouraged me to push myself and thus I learnt quicker. 

 He has a firm but fair attitude and encourages you to push yourself and learn quickly from mistakes. 

 Thanks for everything. 

Greg Alexander   Driving Lessons Cheadle


”Calm & patient and gave me confidence”

 I researched driving schools on the internet and found Bernie Price Driving Tuition had many reviews from happy customers on the website, as well as reasonable prices.

 The customer reviews on the website were the main factor in choosing Bernie Price, especially seeing a few familiar faces on there, as well as the excellent pass rates.

 Everything was fully explained on the website, clarifying everything in detail.

 My driving lessons were productive and I was put at ease when I was stressed about my driving, and that helped to make it a positive driving experience.

 My instructor was professional and honest, hence making learning to drive (which is a daunting prospect) into an enjoyable one.

 The instructors teaching methods were clear and concise, firm but fair, meaning mistakes weren’t continually repeated, hence making learning to drive a lot faster than I thought it would have been.

 He was especially helpful in areas where I didn’t feel confident, giving me belief in my driving ability that enabled me to hone my driving skills and to feel that I am a competent and confident driver.

 I was nervous at first but Bernie was calm & patient and gave me confidence in my driving until I passed. 

Forever grateful and would definitely recommend !

 Sana Qadri       Driving School Didsbury


”I would recommend this driving school without reservation”

Peter McGarty  from Heald Green passed his driving test   FIRST TIME .  

Bernie Price is a dedicated and very professional driving instructor and it is reflected   by his first time pass rate.  

   He taught my son Peter, who passed his driving test on the first attempt. 

   I would recommend his driving school without reservation.

    Thank you.  

   Peter McGarty     Driving Lessons Gatley


Emily Jayne Shell  from Heald Green passed her driving test   FIRST TIME .

I found out about Bernie Price by running a Google search for a driving instructor when I moved into the area. 

Bernie was local, and had evidently put a lot of time and effort into his website, which gave me confidence in how this would transfer to his instruction.

 His tone on the website was professional and no-nonsense; the hint of discipline I expected myself to need. 

Driving is as fun, liberating and rewarding an experience as your confidence permits it to be.

 Bernie is excellent at building up your confidence as a driver, making driving a delight by its own merit. 

Bernie will correct your errors, not with severity, but with good humour.

 He values equipping your with both the physical and mental skills to become an independent driver.

 He does not dictate every little thing you should do, but takes his time to assess your capability and encourages the natural development of your skill.

 Like any good teacher, he will also push you to the top end of your limit. He engages in just the right level of conversation and always has a great story to tell.

 He takes a genuine interest in you, not just as a student, but as a person, and it doesn’t take him long to come to an understanding of how you will best respond to the feedback.

 I’d 100% recommend Bernie to anybody who learns well from a little bit of tough love.

 After passing my test, I was overwhelmed at just how quickly I had developed.

 The tuition time flew by because Bernie is incredibly reliable and his lesson times were convenient for my schedule. 

After I passed my test—first time !! – Bernie even scheduled some hours to take me on the motorway.

 Overall, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been one of Bernies students.

 It is an experience I won’t forget and because his tuition was so efficient, the whole process of learning to drive has been very economical too! 

Emily Jayne Shell   Driving Lessons Heald Green


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