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Aisha Khan from Heald Green passed her driving test   FIRST TIME .  

I found Bernie online via Google.

I chose this school for the website reviews and reasonable prices.

My driving experience was good and was made simple and straightforward.

I would recommend Bernie as he has a very professional school.  Flexible with times and good price. I had a previous driving experience and Bernie teaches you according to your driving ability.

The teaching methods were easy to understand.

Customer Rating : 4.5 out of 5  

Aisha Khalid   Driving Lessons Heald Green

Steph Hughes from Cheadle Hulme passed her driving test   FIRST TIME .  

My dad did the research online and found that this driving school stood out.  

My driving experience was really good as I found it suited me well. The style of teaching was strict enough that I wanted to perform my best (but not too strict !)  

What I enjoyed about my training was the sense of achievement after the first few lessons.  I found his teaching methods good, particularly as he kept calm when I made a mistake (as all learners do). Also it was good that my weak areas were targeted and improved upon.  

I would definitely recommend Bernie as he is really good teacher and I believe that is why I passed first time.

I appreciated the fact that Bernie never made me feel pressured to rush into taking my test. This meant that by the time my test date came, I was really ready.  

Customer Rating : 4.5 out of 5  Steph Hughes    Driving Lessons Cheadle Hulme     

“A very professional school.

You genuinely feel that you are making progress each lesson”

I found Bernie through looking online and Facebook.

I chose this school as the reviews and pass rates on the website were all really very good. I also recognised lots of people who had passed with Bernie and was also looking for a local instructor.

My driving experience was brilliant – thank you.  Despite having lessons with a previous school, I was still a very nervous driver. Once I started lessons with Bernie I overcame this quickly and became a more confident driver.

Bernie is very calm, logical and matter of fact, which means you learn from your mistakes quickly.

I would recommend Bernie as he has a very professional school.  You genuinely feel like you are making progress each lesson.

The teaching methods were great and focussed on constant progression to ensure that you learn to drive properly and safely and to pass your driving test within a cost-effective and efficient time frame.

Customer Rating : 5 out of 5 !! 

Eva Seymour   Driving Lessons Gatley

“He is friendly and  professional, gives you confidence in your own ability and always remains calm and patient with you”

A friends recommendation made me search for Bernie’s website and have a look around.

The pass rates on the site were encouraging, the affordability of the lesson blocks was good and comforting customer reviews put me at ease.

It was enjoyable to learn a new skill, if it was a little stressful at times when I made silly errors. After all I needed to remember that it  a completely new subject for me and that the more on-road experience I had, the better I would get, and the more confident I would be with my driving ability. Bernie’s experience and conversations made me relax and feel less apprehensive, and the quality of tuition was superb.

I think that this learning to drive exceeded my expectations becasue I felt unsure as to what the first lesson would be like, but Bernie’s reliability, informative (if at times a little stern!) tone and encouragement helped me believe in myself, made the lessons fly by and made me love driving – something I can do for the rest of my life.

I would recommend Bernie’s as he is friendly and  professional, gives you confidence in your own ability and always remains calm and patient with you.

I found his instructing methods very helpful, using differing mediums to make sure that I understood the manoeuvre or topic, from physical demonstrations to IPAD simulations, verbal advice and pictorial diagrams.

He lets you know of any mistakes that you make so you can learn from them so they are not repeated.

Feedback at the end of each 1.5 hrs lesson (a good length of time for a lesson) highlighted any areas for improvement, which I could go away and practice using the Practical Test DVD or written notes before subsequent lessons.

Thank you for everything Bernie !  

Josh W       Driving Lessons Gatley


Clement Chan from Heald Green passed his driving test   FIRST TIME .  

I found Bernie through several school friends who had used Bernie as their driving instructor.

I chose this school after recommendations from friends as well as the high 1st & 2nd time pass rates.

Bernie was efficient in teaching  me all the different aspects required in driving to become a proficient and safe driver, as well as being able to chat freely to him about anything.

I would recommend Bernie due to his thorough teaching methods and his ability to highlight faults in your driving which, and quickly correct them.

Bernies teaching methods are extremely thorough and well explained. The use of the ipad (with animated driving apps) and annotated diagrams allowed me to gain an idea of what I had to do before I had to perform it,

Customer Rating : 5 out of 5 !! 

Clement Chan   Driving Lessons Heald Green


Claire Campbell from Didsbury passed her driving test   FIRST TIME .

    I was recommended to use Bernie Price by my friend Stephanie, who had learnt with him.  The lessons were always productive and resulted in increased ability.  Bernie is a tough task master but gets results. A lovely man !  I would recommend him as I felt that his teaching was geared to becoming a good and safe driver and that the lessons were not dragged out unnecessarily.  Claire Campbell       Driving Lessons Didsbury 

Steve Wilson from Heald Green passed his driving test  FIRST TIME .  

I found Bernie on the internet when looking for a driving school to help me pass the driving test ASAP, and ideally within two months, without having to book days off work.

After reading the reviews from previous customers I knew that he would be the one I would be able to pass my test with. Unlike other driving instructors that I had had, Bernie made sure that every lesson was of benefit to me.

After only six weeks of lessons (generally 2 per week) I passed FIRST TIME with only 3 minor faults, and they were silly faults that I knew I had made and was able to highlight them to the examiner in the debrief.   What more can you ask from a driving instructor, and Bernie is a great guy you can actually talk to without it being small talk.

Bernie taught me to drive, be confident and competent with all the manoeuvres (which originally I wasn’t) and to be able to undertake AND PASS the driving test first time, without putting pressure on me, and within two months !!

I found his teaching methods excellent. He told me where I was going wrong in a way that I would remember for the following lesson, where we would resolve these issues.  He explained everything to perfection and even gave me homework to study notes and diagrams on the manoeuvres which at one point I struggled with.      Perfect.    It definitely worked !!

I already have recommended him to my friends (and will continue to do so) as he doesn’t just teach you to pass the test, he teaches you to drive properly and that you can drive safely and with confidence after you pass your test.

Thanks Bernie.  Great Guy and Great Instructor.  

Steven W   Driving Lessons Heald Green


Tom Cartledge fropm Heald Green passed his driving test   FIRST TIME   

Bernie was very accommodating to my work life and delivered a good driving experience. 

I enjoyed the lessons as they were not conducted in silence. Bernie provided some interesting conversation. 

Bernie is a knowledgeable driving instructor who uses his visual materials and apps well. He can be stern at times (when the need arises due to some driving situation that needs a quick resolution) but will quickly return to a relaxed demeanour. 

Tom Cartledge,     Driving Lessons Heald Green 

“very good recommendation and high pass rates”

I was recommended to use Bernie by a friend of the family.

I also chose Bernie because of the very good recommendation and high pass rates.

The lessons were very enjoyable but also the training was done at an excellent standard at the same time. 

I enjoyed the lessons because of Bernies professional attitude at each lesson and teaching methods.

Also his breadth of knowledge about the best football team on earth !

I would definitely recommend him for his professionalism and being a genuinely nice guy, friendly and funny character. 

Paddy Storey       Driving Lessons Gatley

“I chose Bernie because of the Customer Reviews “

My mother found Bernie Price after research on the internet. I then saw some past pupils of the driving school on the website that I knew. 

I chose Bernie Price firstly because of the Customer Reviews on his website. I also talked to previous pupils of the school about their experience. The pass rates advertised on the website were very good and transparent. 

I liked that the lessons were 1.5 hours and I could learn more because of this. 

I was pushed to face the parts of driving that I was nervous about, and was able to overcome the nervousness and become a more confident driver. 

I would recommend Bernie as I was able to successfully pass my driving test, even though I was a somewhat nervous driver. 

Kyri Levendi Heald Green

 Driving Lessons Heald Green


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