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Emily Robinson from Heald Green.

The most important criteria for me for a driving school was a good pass rate and  good customer reviews. 

I chose Bernie Price for his great pass rates and also from a friends recommendation. My driving experience was relaxed and enjoyable and wasn’t just filled with silent driving. 

The instructors teaching methods were easy to follow and made learning to drive much easier than expected.

I would recommend Bernie Price because the way I learnt was easy and enjoyable


Alex Trimble from Gatley passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.     

I chose Bernie Price Driving School after reading the customer reviews on his website. He was also local to me in Gatley and also had a great introductory offer and competitive pricing of subsequent lessons. 

My driving experience was positive.

There was a good progressive structure to the lessons so I consistently felt that was was improving.

I was slightly nervous about beginning driving lessons but the first few introductory lessons were at the right pace and I was given clear instructions and guidance from the start.

Bernies teaching method was firm and clear in what I would be covering during the upcoming lesson and he gave clarity in how to correct a mistake.

Learning to drive was more comfortable than I thought it would be and once I felt fully in control of the car I began to really enjoy my lessons.


Matt Fowler from Cheadle Hulme passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.   

What I was looking for from a driving school was good reviews and reputation.

Also that the instructor was experienced and that the driving school should be a local business and not a big company.

I found Bernie Price on a Google search and chose him for the reviews and pass rates.

My driving experience was good and I passed my driving test with fewer lessons than I thought it would take, progressing through each lesson at a good pace.

I really enjoyed getting out on the road after the first few lessons and being able to drive around on roads in the local areas.

Bernie was good at explaining things and progressed onto other topics when he thought you were ready to do so, instead of dragging things out.

I had had experience with other instructors who spent most of the time talking and I was not driving. I am glad that I changed to Bernie who was far better and succinct. 


Aneesa Ashraf from Didsbury passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.  

The most important criteria for me when I chose Bernie Price Driving School was that I wanted an instructor with a good reputation. Price of the driving lessons was also important, however Bernie came highly recommended by family members who had been taught by him. Also after reading the customer reviews on his website my decision was made.

I enjoyed my driving lessons because I learnt so much each time. The lessons were well structured and this helped me to gain the maximum knowledge and experience necessary to help m e become a competent driver.

I enjoyed seeing how I progressed as the lessons went on. I could feel myself improving with every lesson. It was always nice to get honest feedback from Bernie at the end of each lesson to give me a chance to reflect on what I could do better.

Each lessons appeared to be thoroughly planned. My instructor was always aware of my weaknesses and the areas where I needed further training. No time was wasted.

Learning to drive was far easier and less nerve-racking that I had expected. Initially I was scared to drive but my confidence improved with Bernies tuition and help. His instructions were always clear and this helped me to progress quicker than I had imagined I would. 

Definitely recommended. Bernie never wasted time when teaching me. He was straight to the point and firm but fair. He had a genuine interest in helping me to become a safe and responsible driver.I



Sabrina Ahmed fron Cheadle Hulme her driving test   FIRST TIME.

The criteria I used to find a driving school were the excellent pass rates, the availability of the instructor and reviews of how other pupils found the instructor.

I chose Bernie Price Driving School as he convinced me that it would be possible to pass my driving test within the limited time I had in-between  my university summer break.

I had a very successful driving experience and achieved exactly what I wanted, with a first time pass, overall enjoying my driving lessons.

What I enjoyed about my training was knowing exactly what I would be doing each lesson and what areas I would need to improve on. Bernie would inform me what I needed to do in order to correct any problems that occurred and not let me aimlessly wander.

Bernies instruction methods were very helpful. Having demonstrations prior to me undertaking any new tasks. Also being prompted where necessary in the early days of new topics, was really helpful, until I gained sufficient experience to undertake them without any help.

Learning to drive wasn’t as hard as I had expected and didn’t take as much time as I thought it would. It did get a little stressful at times, as I thought it might, but overall the learning was a really good experience.

I passed first time within my tight timescales, so now I am very happy !

Rohini Chadda from Gatley passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.

The criteria I used to choose Bernie Price was the price of the driving lessons, the published pass rates and customer reviews. Other factors that were taken into account was that the driving school was local to me and that it had a good reputation and good feedback from my friends who had also used this driving school.

My driving experience was very enjoyable. I liked the structure lessons where I could focus on  particular aspects of driving. I also enjoyed driving on the roads around the area where I lived and become familiar with them for when I took my driving test, so that from the day I pass my driving test I would be confident initially driving locally on my own, building up my driving skills and ability to be able to then drive anywhere on my own.    

Bernie teaching methods were very clear and concise explanations followed sometimes by a demonstration which really helped my understanding for when I had the opportunity to try it for myself. 

The feed back at the end of the lesson was extremely useful as it allowed me to review what I had done well and where I had gone wrong, so I could ask questions and correct any mistakes next time.

Learning to drive with Bernie Price exceed my expectations. I am much more confident than I thought I would be and I did not expect to have such structured lessons. 

I would definitely recommend Bernie Price Driving School for the clear teaching methods. I was always given the option of choosing what the focus of the lesson would be so that I could consolidate my knowledge and further improve the areas that I thought needed some more work on.  

Ed Cox from Didsbury passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.  

I used Bernie Price Driving School as he had taught my brother who passed first time. I also looked at the customer reviews, prices, recommendations and pass rates, which were all impressive.

I found the teaching methods clear and well described and learning to drive was a lot easier and less scary than I had expected. As I had a very short timescale to pass my test before starting my first job after university, Bernie fitted me in with as many lessons as I needed in order to make the test date.

I passed first time, so the results speak for themselves.

Thanks for everything Bernie !  You were a good instructor.


Josh Roberts from Gatley passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.   

The main criteria I looked for was for good reviews from past learners. Also that the instructor was local and nearby with reasonable prices for driving lessons. I found Bernie Price Driving School through a Google search and chose this driving school for its good customer reviews.

My driving experience was good and straight-forward. There was flexibility of the times and places where I could be picked up from and after the lesson dropped off. Bernie was very flexible and understood that students cannot always be picked up at dropped back off at home and he was very amenable to pick-up/drop-off wherever was convenient for me.

The instructors teaching methods were straight-forward and to the point and were very effective.

Learning to drive was slightly scarier than I thought it might me when starting the initial lessons, but when I got into it everything was fine.

I would recommend Bernie Price because he is a good teacher, tells you exactly what you need to do and just lets you practice until you are satisfied that you have got it right. Sometimes could be just a bit more chilled when glaring mistakes are made.


Amy Murray from Handforth passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.

What I found to be the most important factors when choosing a driving school were the customer reviews and pass rates.

Another important factor was to be able to get on well with the instructor. I chose Bernie Price after talking to my friends who had used him.

My driving experience was really great and I found it very enjoyable, seeing myself progress each week and learning new skills.

Bernies teaching methods were great and enabled my to learn very quickly. I found driving easier than expected and it became natural quite quickly.

I would recommend Bernie as he teaches in a very professional environment which means you can learn very quickly.



James Cottrell  from Heald Green

I found Bernie Price Driving School after asking friends in the local area who had taught them. The most important factor for me was that he was a local driving instructor.

Other factors that influenced my choice of driving school were recommendations, the high pass rates and reasonable prices.

Bernies teaching was very succinct and comprehensive. I gained a lot of knowledge quickly and was then able to use this knowledge as my confidence in driving grew. What I enjoyed most was learning a completely new skill that will benefit me for the rest of my life.

Bernies teaching methods recognised areas that I was struggling with and so he adapted his lessons to cater for this. I really thought that driving would be a lot harder than it turned out to be, however Bernie helped me understand that after all ‘it is not rocket science’ !

I would definitely recommend Bernie as I learned a lot from him.    


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