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Mirza Wadood from Heald Green.

I chose this driving school for the reasonable prices of lessons and that it was a local instructor with good reviews.

I had had some lessons with another instructor, where for the many lesson hours that I had, did not seem to make much progress.  I therefore changed to Bernie Price who had a totally different teaching style that enabled me to progress at a pace that I was happy and comfortable with and now I have passed my driving test and feel I am a competent and confident driver.


James Standing from Cheadle Hulme.     

The most important criteria for me was that it had to be someone that was a local instructor, who could pick me up at either school or home.

I chose Bernie Price because he taught my sister (who passed first time),  his website reviews were good and he had a demonstrable and very good pass rate.

What I enjoyed most about the training was that I learned to drive independently and that the Bernies instruction techniques made the learning process easier than I had expected.

I  would recommend Bernie as he is a good teacher who is flexible with providing lessons around my availability.


Cassie Hilton from Gatley.     

I chose Bernie Price because he was a local instructor with a high percentage pass rate and was patient and flexible.

I had a very positive driving experience and I felt that I learned to drive reasonably quicker than any of my friends.

I thought learning to drive would be much harder but once you understand the clutch and with Bernies excellent teaching instructions it all falls into place and becomes relatively easy.

What I enjoyed about the training was on one lesson where the proverbially penny dropped and I felt that now I fully understood how to drive.  Every lesson after that I became more and more confident in my driving ability and thoroughly enjoyed every lesson. 

I would recommend Bernie Price as my lessons were worked around times that were convenient for my college and work schedules and his teaching methods were perfect for me.


James Oliver passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.     

The most important criteria for me was that it had to be someone that I liked, and that were a local instructor.

Other factors in my decision was being given an indication of the lesson hours that I would need and that I could fit these lessons in around my free time after school.

I found Bernie Price via a Google search and chose him because his website reviews were good, had a very good pass rate and that he was local to my home and school.

What I enjoyed most about the training was that I thought it would be boring but it wasn’t. In fact it was very enjoyable having  conversations with Bernie.

I  would recommend Bernie as he is a good teacher, flexible with lessons around my availability, nice and very patient.

Thanks for your help and time. I really enjoyed your company.


Ellie Drinkwater from Handforth.

The most important criteria for me was reliability. Bernie can almost always fit you in when it is most convenient to you. Anther factor was that he was direct about telling me what my faults were, so I could improve my driving ability.

My mum recommended Bernie as she had been taught by him many years ago when I was young.

My driving experience was pleasant as he always made me feel confident about my driving and that I was always able to talk to him about anything.

What I enjoyed most about the training was that how quickly he managed to help me ace a manoeuvre !

Bernies teaching methods were great and made lessons simple but effective making learning to drive easier than I expected.

I would recommend Bernie to others as he teaches everything in good detail and made me feel confident for my test.


Amelia Williams from Heald Green passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.     

The important criteria for me were the previous pass rates and reviews from other pupils that were positive about the teaching and that it was a local driving school with reasonable pricing. 

Also the website was easily available when I searched for a local driving instructor. Some of my friends had previously been taught by Bernie and recommended him. There were positive customer reviews on the website.

I enjoyed driving in a variety of different areas allowing me to encounter different roads and situations.

I would recommend Bernie to others. Lessons were well organised and structured with clear instructions on how to improve for differing situations. This enabled me to become a confident driver.


Noor Shahid from Heald Green passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.     

The most important criteria for me was choosing a driving instructor who would be honest enough to tell me that my confidence in driving far exceeded my actual driving ability. I also wanted someone who would be able to teach me aspects of driving that would make me a safe driver for life.

I found  Bernie Price Driving School through a friends recommendation and also the very good reviews online.

I had an excellent driving experience that helped develop my confidence and taught me to be able to control the care safely and with care. I enjoyed the good atmosphere during my lessons and Bernies teaching methods were very good and nice.

I would recommend Bernie Price Driving School to everyone because he is a very good driving instructor.


Carla Endstone from Handforth passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.     

The most important criteria for me was choosing a driving instructor that was reliable, clear with instructions and explanations of driving skills that were to be taught as well as being personable.

I found  Bernie Price Driving School with an online search and chose him for the positive online reviews.

My driving experience was very good and I have no complaints.

I enjoyed how the training went at a pace that was right for me. I never felt rushed but also didn’t feel like we repeated tasks too much before moving onto the next topic and task.

I found Bernies teaching methods clear and effective.

Learning to drive I knew it may be hard, but it was slightly harder than expected, especially with clutch control and observations. Despite this the teaching style and methods helped me to overcome these aspects of learning to drive.

I would recommend Bernies Driving School as he has always been reliable and effective to teach me how to drive.

I do not think that there are any key issues with my driving lesson tuition and experience.  However maybe offering slightly more assurances to the pupil so they know more about their strengths and also areas they need to improve.


Samuel Wrench from Withington passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.   

I wanted an experienced instructor with good reviews and good pass rates. Other criteria were price and value for money.

I found Bernie Price through a Google search. I chose him for the professional website that contained all the relevant information to make an  educated decision i.e. good reviews, price and pass rates.

I had a great driving experience and now feel a confident driver.

I really enjoyed the beautiful Friday lunch time driving lessons when the weather was really nice and driving around other local areas near where I live in South Manchester, testing the driving knowledge and skills that I had learnt.

After a few apprehensive early hours of my tuition I found the teaching style was fine. Bernie was well rehearsed in several methods for teaching different things (e.g. diagrams and Ipad) and was very experienced.

I would definitely recommend Bernie as I feel like I have learnt the necessary skills to be a confident solo driver.

Bernie is a great guy and an even better driving instructor (even though he is a Man Utd fan). With his many years of experience he has many methods of teaching driving techniques. The main learning requirement for a pupil is to listen carefully to what he is saying and to take on board every little detail.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time learning to drive with Bernie and feel though I am now a well-rounded and confident driver.t


Sam Greenwood from Cheadle passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.     

I chose Bernie Price Driving School for the reasonable introductory lesson price, being recommended by a friend, the good pass rates as well as that he was local instructor.

I really enjoyed my driving lessons, firstly just being able to drive, but also driving onto more challenging roads.

Bernies teaching methods were firm but fair as driving can be dangerous if you are not paying attention.

I would recommend Bernie as no time is wasted in lessons and therefore you can pick up the skills to drive quicker.

Maybe more positive feedback at lesson end whether I had been good in the lesson or not !



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