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We greatly appreciate reviews of our service made by customers and their views are very important for  our driving school.

When searching for a driving school, opinions given by customers and posted on our web site give valuable information regarding the driving school and instructor, and what our customers actually said and liked about us and our ability to deliver first class driving tuition.

Our goal is to have excellent customer satisfaction and with over 600 driving test passes I will let my happy customers below do the talking !



Gidon Barrett from Heald Green passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.

Luke Sage from Gatley passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.     

I have been learning with Bernie for approximately 1 year and  passed my test first time. He was patient with me but could be stern with me about silly mistakes I was making. Throughout the course of our lessons he took me on roads and routes that became gradually more difficult so that that when I did my test my driving felt very natural and easy as I now knew exactly what I had to do  to be a safe and careful driver.

Faultless as an instructor I must say.      Thanks Bernie!


Dylan Rowbotham from Heald Green passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.

Miles Varne from Gatley passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.

Liz Zmora from Gatley passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.

Itay Zmora from Gatley passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.

Sophie Cliffe from Gatley passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.     

Bernie Price was recommended to me by a friend who had been taught by him. 

Bernie prepares his pupils mentally to understand that through their driving lessons and training that they can develop into being a very good and safe driver who could pass their driving test at the first attempt.

Amelia Parry from Heald Green passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.     

Bernie Price was recommended to me by several of my friends who had been taught by him.

Mirsab Mostafa from Heaton Mersey passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.     

Bernie Price was recommended to me by my sister who learnt to drive with Bernie and she also passed first time !!


Daniel Heydon from Sharston

The most important criteria to me was that Bernie provided AUTOMATIC driving lessons. He was local to where I lived and was an experienced instructor.  In fact, he was highly recommended to me by my previous instructor who was retiring.

I would definitely recommend Bernie Price as he made me feel calm with my driving and become a more confident driver with his relaxed and positive instruction.

Katie Hyde from Gatley passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.     

Bernie Price was recommended to me by a number of my friends who had been taught by him. I also chose him because of the great reviews and pass rates advertised on his website and that he was a local instructor.

Bernie gave me the confidence to believe in my driving ability.   More importantly he prepared me mentally to understand that I was a very good driver who could pass their driving test at the first attempt. 

I passed FIRST TIME !!!

James Walters from Handforth passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.     

I wanted an instructor who can be trusted to be consistent with lesson times and not too strict, and I chose this driving school from recommendations of friends who has used this school. Bernie is a fair but firm instructor who will instruct you to change something in your driving if it is incorrect.

I thought that learning to drive would be much more stressful that what it was, but after a few lessons it was not a problem. The lessons were enjoyable and well planned and I had the feeling of improvement after every lesson.

I would recommend this driving school as although we had learnt in the areas around where I was originally to take my test, due to COVID19, at short notice we had to move the test to a different area which I was not au fait with but with Bernies advice and guidance, I was able to pass my test first time in an area that we had only driven around an hour before my test.

Chloe Almond from Gatley passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.     

Brilliant driving school. Experienced instructor who won’t let you form bad habits. The driving school is well reviewed, as it should be, and from my experience its high pass rate is thoroughly deserved.

Everything was covered thoroughly and plenty of the more challenging parts of driving were experienced. I don’t thing I would be able to do bay parking alongside a vehicle without the handy techniques that I was taught.

Lily Ogden from Handforth passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.     

My criteria for selecting an instructor was that I wanted a professional and experienced instructor who could provide high pass rates, positive customer feedback and supported by recommendations from my friends.

The friendly service and professional way of teaching made it easy for me to understand the processes of learning to drive and made me comfortable and not nervous, which allowed me to perfect every aspect of driving. 

Bernies instruction methods were very easy to understand and master, and he offered continuous help and practice with what you found most difficult, to enable you to eventually feel comfortable with it and master it,   which also helps to boost your confidence. 

Learning to drive was less challenging than I thought it would be as I was helped by instructor to learn the correct techniques. I found the teaching methods easy to pick up. I didn’t feel as nervous as I expected and my confidence grew with each lesson.

Bernie provided a friendly service and did everything possible to teach a learner to be a safe, confident and responsible driver.

Thomas Kiss from Gatley     

“I had a great experience whilst learning to drive with Bernie. He was patient with me but assertive when needed and I feel as though this resulted in me being a safer driver. When he corrected my mistakes he would give me honest feedback on how to improve my driving ability.”


Eesaa Khan from Heald Green passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.     

When choosing a driving school, the criteria myself and my dad wanted was a reliable instructor that would organise lessons efficiently, an instructor that was local to the area and finally, a driving school that I could trust to help me learn how to drive.

I guess I was first time lucky in choosing Bernie Price to be my instructor as he met all 3 of the criteria. It was my dad who actually found out about this Driving School from doing a google search for driving instructors within the area that we live in. After seeing the positive reviews online we had no hesitation in opting to choose Bernie Price for my lessons.

Before joining, I had no previous driving lessons and my first time success was all due to Bernie’s teaching!

I learnt something new every single lesson and I found Bernie’s teaching methods extremely effective. Personally, I believe that the most effective learning comes through mistakes that one makes. Bernie was always quick to point out any faults I had made during each lesson but never lost his patience and instead would provide solutions and advice for the future.

No matter how many times I made a certain mistake, Bernie would simply remind me of the correct methods so that it would become second-nature and this proved to be effective!

Bernie is a perfectionist and it is this trait that allow his students’ to be successful. Moreover, Bernie had belief and confidence in me, even when I didn’t!

Bernie is great company to have in the car and I would never get bored during one of his lessons.

He has the ability to calm you of any nerves you may have whether it be pulling off a manoeuvre or driving from A to B.

Furthermore, the gradual progression of our lessons was adequate and I felt safe when we were moving from quieter roads to busier rounds and roundabouts.

The lessons lived up to my expectations as there was never any rush in progressing and I always felt safe and confident with my objectives for the lesson.

I would certainly recommend Bernie Price to my friends and family as the proof is in the pudding – I passed first time when no one – not even my own family – had any hope in me, except Bernie!!

I would like to thank Bernie for the lessons and his company over the past year or so and I would recommend Bernie Price Driving School to any one wishing to pass their UK driving test.

Josh Bowler from Handforth passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.     

Bernie is a great instructor and would 100% recommend him.
His motto is “Firm bit Fair” and that is exactly what he is.

He will tell you where you are going wrong without dressing it up.
He will also emphasise what you need to focus on in order to secure a pass.

I passed both my theory and practical first time with Bernies guidance as my instructor.

I chose Bernie not only for his fantastic pass rates but also that my sister was one of the first people
to pass with Bern many years ago and she highly recommended him.

I am so please with my driving experience with Bernie that I have recommended him to several of my friends and who are now taking lessons with Bernie.

Joe Newman from Cheadle passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.     

When looking for a driving school, I was searching for an instructor who would help me pass quickly and efficiently. Through recommendations from friends and with some online research, I found the driving school Bernie Price Driving Tuition.

I read the website reviews of previous pupils and was very impressed by their positive comments and for the very high pass rates published by the driving school.

Bernie made sure that every hour was spent usefully, no time-wasting or aimless driving but full-time tuition. I developed confidence in driving from the start with Bernie and was able to progress at a fast pace which suited me.

The driving lessons were very enjoyable. Some topics initially you would think would be hard to undertake. However Bernie describes how to do the various topics, shows you how to undertake it with diagrams, animations and demonstrations, then lets you put them into practice, after which you then realise that in fact they were actually far easier than you originally thought.

I would recommend Bernie Price. He helped me to achieve the goal that I set for myself, which was a first time pass.

Lucy Jones from Timperley  passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.     

I passed the driving test on my first attempt. I was so happy with the tuition, advice, guidance and the confidence Bernie Price gave me from my first lesson was such a boost to my learning abilities.

Bernie’s advice and help was so important and I will always be grateful for his patience and expert training experiences.

I was recommended to Bernie Price by a family member and I am so glad I took their advice. Passing my test on my first attempt made me so happy and it is all thanks to Bernie.

I wholeheartedly recommend him, he was always on time and tailored my lessons to fit in with my job which was very helpful and it is a credit to him that I am now able to drive my own vehicle.

Thank you so much Bernie and I will recommend you to all my friends and co-workers who wish to learn to drive with a great driving instructor.

Lucy Walsh from East Didsbury passed her driving test   FIRST TIME.     

I had this driving school recommended to me by my brother who passed first time with Bernie Price.

It had good reviews, great pass rates and was reasonably priced.

I enjoyed the training as it made me feel confident about my driving and I was less nervous than I thought I would be.

My training made me realise that there is more to think about when learning to drive than I had anticipated.

Cole Palmer from Heald Green     

I had this driving school recommended to me by my sister and other friends.

I also chose it for the good reviews, the great pass rates, it was local and  reliable.

It took me a little time to begin to enjoy the training.

My instructor was quite traditional and his no-nonsense approach worked with me.  Thanks !  

Haris Qadri from East Didsbury passed his driving test   FIRST TIME.     

I had this driving school recommended to me by family members.

I also chose it for the good reviews, the great pass rates and the friendly instructor.

I enjoyed the training as my driving tuition and progression was fast-paced and no lesson time was aimlessly wasted.


Cerys Davies from Heald Green      

I wanted a time-efficient  driving instructor who would teach me to drive confidently.

I knew of this driving school as family friends had been taught by Bernie Price. The positive reviews on the website,   high pass rates and the prices of the various lesson packages were additional reasons for me to choose this driving school.

I enjoyed my driving as there was always a positive atmosphere and Bernies teaching methods were firm but fair, encouraging and supportive, which enabled me to learn at a quicker pace than I expected.  

I would definitely recommend this driving school to others for the professionalism and patience of the instructor.


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